Back in the lab! Conferences, making proteins, electron microscopy and exciting collaborations

After a month’s hiatus from my last post I am back with lots of exciting news and updates. Multiple coinciding factors mean I haven’t been able to update you all as much as I would have liked but things are back on track in the run up to the holidays so I hope to have more to share with you in the coming weeks.

I have been fortunate to attend and talk at multiple conferences including SciData in London, OpenCon2016 in Washington DC, OpenCon2016 Toronto satellite event and¬†Neuroscience Association for Undergraduate Students at University of Toronto. This has kept me pretty busy but it has been an awesome series of opportunities to talk about Huntington’s disease and open science and why the latter is so important in accelerating biomedical research.

My presentation at Open Con Toronto

Inbetween all of these events, I have received exciting updates on our collaboration with Susan Lea and the progress both she and Justin Deme, a postdoctoral fellow in her lab are making on the electron microscopy experiments. I have also been in the lab making, or at least attempting to make, more huntingtin protein samples, slowly getting there. I am making both small portions of the huntingtin protein as well as the full-length protein in a expression system designed and engineered by my collaborator Stefan Kochanek. All of the data is available on Zenodo for anyone to read. Get in touch with any questions or suggestions!


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