Back from vacation and making huntingtin!

Hello labscribbles readers!

I am back from a glorious vacation in the Canadian wilderness and have been back in the lab for the past week. I have purified some more huntingtin protein samples (Q23 – wild type and Q54 – disease state) which you can read about here on Zenodo.

These samples I will be sharing with the lab of Christopher Pearson, Sick Kids Hospital, Toronto. Prof. Pearsons lab is interested in trinucleotide repeat disease and DNA-binding proteins. I hope they are useful for his team.

Next week, I will be focussing on HMGB1. I have been kindly provided with some purified protein samples from Christoph Gobl. Yanjun Li of our SGC molecular biology team has also finished cloning more HMGB1 E. coli expression constructs so I hope to test those next week too.

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