Huntingtin Intrabody and Nanobody Literature Review

Happy new year! I hope that you all had a very happy holidays and that 2018 is treating you well so far.

To kick off the new year, I have been doing some reading on huntingtin intrabodies and nanobodies and have written this up into an informal literature review. These are small Ig domain proteins which specifically bind different regions of huntingtin. All of those which I have written about, bind the exon 1 of huntingtin, some with specificity for the N17 region, whereas others bind the polyproline or proline rich domains.

Thanks to Prof Ray Truant, who kindly provided me with some nanobody clones, I have already expressed and purified iVHH4. I plan to clone, express and purify Happ1 and VL12.3, both of which are single Ig domain proteins, and along with iVHH4, test binding to my huntingtin protein samples and see if they help stabilize my samples.

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