Starting new projects in huntingtin structural biology

Hi folks! This last month or so has been a bit of a whirlwind. I was ecstatic to receive the HDSA career development fellowship and we were also successful in our funding applications to the Huntington Society of Canada as well as the CHDI Foundation. There will be some slight redirection in the projects but we are ultimately continuing to pursue and further our understanding of the huntingtin protein structure as well as its function in our cells, primarily through looking at protein-protein interactions.

In addition to making lots more huntingtin samples of different Q-lengths as well as validating our expression system for the generation of HTT-HAP40 complex (which hopefully means we can make other complexes too in the future in the same system), we have been doing some SAXS and other biophysical characterisation of the huntingtin protein. All this and more can be found in updates on the LabScribbles Community Page on Zenodo.

Now I have a better handle on the projects and where they are headed, I hope to keep you updated more regularly on our progress – its going to be pretty exciting to get our teeth into these interaction projects!

As always, comments and feedback are welcome and you can tweet me @labscribbles.

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