About Lab Scribbles

Real-time honest science

Using lab scribbles, I will be uploading real-time experimental data in its rawest form. This will not be a polished data presentation which scientists normally present in journal publications or conference presentations but a real-life taster into the everyday workings and reality of being a postdoctoral scientist. Analysis of this data as well as that in recent and relevant publications will also be included. 

Accessible science

I will try and include a brief summary for each posting to explain the reason I undertook each experiment, the methods, its outcomes and overall relevance without too much scientific jargon. The more people who can understand this work, the better.

Interactive science

Whether you are a HD patient, a professor of neurodegenerative disorders or just someone who is interested in HD, you are more than welcome to get in touch either through commenting at the bottom of the post or emailing directly through the contact page. You can also keep up with the work I am doing through the social media links.

Open access science

By delivering the results of the research I am doing in real-time, I hope to allow fair assessment of my work through clear discussion and show visible outcomes to interested parties, in particular patient groups and fellow HD researchers. Through the sharing of my data, I hope to create a collaborative ethos with other scientists in this field and accelerate the rate of delivery of data which can inform potential therapeutic opportunities. Let’s see how it goes!