Huntingtin domain construct design for insect cell expression

To follow up on all of the data I have obtained from the domain mapping experiments and computational analyses, I have designed a series of expression constructs to make short fragments of the huntingtin protein in an insect cell expression system. This basically means that I will hopefully be able me to make, extract and purify shorter chunks of the huntingtin protein which I will then be able to characterise, or maybe even solve their structure (trying not to get ahead of myself here, but it is exciting!). Even seeing which domain constructs are solubly expressed would provide some evidence of stable domain organisation.

All of the construct information can be found on Zenodo. Let me know what you think! The cloning will predominantly be completed by the very talented Peter Loppnau, a core member of the biotechnology team at SGC Toronto and a molecular biology expert. I look forward to receiving the constructs from Peter and seeing how well they all express.

2 thoughts on “Huntingtin domain construct design for insect cell expression

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