New folks in open notebooking!

Aside from work in the lab, I have been busy promoting the cause of open notebooking at a number of different events around the world. This has been very rewarding and I have enjoyed engaging different audiences in the work our open notebook community is doing.

I spoke recently at the Creative Commons Global Summit in Toronto, Japan SciComm Event in Tokyo as well as having some more low-key discussion with students and faculty at McMaster University in Hamilton. The slides from all of my talks can be found here.

Recently I have been following some open notebookers I found recently:

– Jörn Alexander Quent who is a graduate student at the University of Cambridge, UK
– Jerome Pinguet who is writing an open notebook on his MD thesis
– Ellie Williams who has joined the SGC Extreme Open Science Unit in Oxford – welcome!
I also found this new open notebook community of Zenodo set up by Nadine Shatilla of McMaster University.
Excited to see how these notebooks develop especially as these folks are working in very different fields doing vastly different science.

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